A Symbol Of Our Rebirth: Serpentine

Ancient civilisations have worshipped the serpent as the divine, built temples for her, forging jewellery that encircled the necks of Gods, and the crowns of kings. The subtlety of her movements demands our full vigilance, and her seeming immortality, our reverence. We draw upon her extraordinary vitality for spontaneity, creative energy and healing.

Custom Designs Available Upon Request

Custom Designs Available Upon Request


A powerful metaphor for liberation, inner growth and rebirth.

The construction and body of individual pieces will remind you of the snake – the spirit animal of rebirth and transformation, interspersed with gold-filled wires shaped like the third eye.

Handmade with 14k gold-filled, ornate with gemstones, it is timeless, elegant and versatile. Meant to last a lifetime.