Sun Salutation Dragonfly

Sun Salutation Dragonfly


Striving for self-discovery and self-improvement is part of our journey. To become the best version of ourselves and fulfilling our destiny requires soulful energy, sensitivity, and determination. With its black onyx stones, the Sun Salutation Dragonfly centers your energy and feeds your imaginative mind.

Take the necklace with you on your travels and open your heart and soul to the unexpected, precious lessons life teaches us. The Sun Salutation Dragonfly gives you the strength to embrace all situations as they come. The only travel partner that you need on your way to self-fulfillment.

Product details:

The Sun Salutation Dragonfly necklace is made of brass, seashells, black tourmaline, and hand-polished onyx stones. The waxed cotton string measures 80 cm and is adjustable.

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