Summer Nights Dragonfly

Summer Nights Dragonfly


Being the bringer of light, the Summer Nights Dragonfly banishes our fears and insecurities. It reminds us that even in the darkest nights, the sky is full of stars and the all-embracing power of stellar constellations.

To strengthen your faith in yourself and your trust in the universe, we chose all stones purposefully. The stone of transformation, the labradorite stone, stimulates your intuition and sparks your imagination. Reflecting golden and blue light, it calms our overactive minds, enabling us to change perspectives and find new ideas. Paired with the grounding agate stone and the vigorous tiger eye, this amulet is your companion for long-term change.

Product details:

The Summer Nights Dragonfly necklace is made of brass, glass, wood, and cotton fiber tassels. It also includes an agate stone, a tiger eye stone, and hand-polished labradorite stones. The waxed cotton string measures 80 cm and is adjustable.

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