Pointes de Roches Noires Earrings

Pointes de Roches Noires Earrings


The true, roaring east coast of Mauritius is a place full of intriguing contrast. Around the village of Roches Noires, the reef is just meters away from the shore and waves come crashing in even on quiet days. The roughness of the ocean and the delicate beauty of the white sand beach, Pointes des Roches Noires, inspired the design of these earrings.

Like the sea, the onyx stones make you feel at ease and center your energy. When we pushed ourselves too far, these earrings restore our strength to move forward and leave mental and physical stress behind.

Product details:

The Pointes de Roches Noires earrings are made of allergen-free 14k gold hooks, brass, and hand-polished onyx stones.

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