La Lucioles Necklace

La Lucioles Necklace


Nature’s beauty lies within the contrast of its wonders. Strong and delicate, clean lines and unusual forms, darkness and bright colors. The La Lucioles necklace plays with contrast and uses the amazonite stone to balance our masculine and feminine energies, so that you are able to utilize them in the most positive way.

Inspired by the playful delicacy of fireflies, the Les Lucioles necklace is the original, eye-catching highlight of every outfit. No matter if paired with a plain oversized shirt, a cozy wool sweater or with a long summer dress.

Product details:

The La Lucioles necklace is made of brass, glass, terracotta, and wood. It also includes an amazonite stone. The waxed cotton string measures 80 cm and is adjustable.

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