Horizon Onyx Amulet

Horizon Onyx Amulet


When challenges are everywhere around us and the sky is grey, we sometimes forget that above the clouds, the sun is always shining. In moments like these, the Horizon Onyx Amulet gives our heart strength and courage.

The onyx stone provides support in difficult or confusing times of enormous mental and physical stress. It centers your energy and makes you feel at ease. For additional support, we also included agate stone in this amulet. This grounding stone lets you realize what really matters and tunes down the noise. More focused, you can accomplish everything you put your mind to.

Product details:

The Horizon Onyx Amulet necklace is made of brass, an agate stone, and hand-polished onyx stones. The waxed cotton string measures 80 cm and is adjustable.

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