Synergy Onyx Amulet

Synergy Onyx Amulet


The healing dragonfly has the power to harmonize the Yin and Yang, the balancing forces that hold the universe in place. It makes us understand that our brightness and darkness are interconnected and make us whole. To foster spiritual growth, our guiding Dragonfly Amulets have been designed to bring inner stability with the grounding agate stone.

Paired with the onyx stone, the Onyx Dragonfly Amulet makes you feel at ease and centers your energy. When we pushed ourselves too far, this piece restores our strength to move forward and leave mental and physical stress behind.

Product details:

The Onyx Dragonfly Amulet necklace is made of brass, an agate stone, and hand-polished onyx stones. The waxed cotton string measures 80 cm and is adjustable.

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