How to stack your rings

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Have you ever looked at your hands and thought about what an extraordinarily powerful instrument they are? Your hands are responsible for turning a lot of your thoughts into tangible actions, allowing you to explore and experience the physical realm, feel different textures and surfaces, communicate through its subtle gestures, convey emotions and caress your loved ones.


The art of wearing jewelry on your hands come with a multitude of traditions and significances, especially rings. How you choose to wear them, depends ultimately on your intentions.


Find inspiration in the different ways of stacking your rings that does more than make a bold statement. Through your preferred choices, you may just awaken the spiritual energies within you, to delve deeper into the meaning behind actions and live a more intentional life.

Farid Belkahia • 'Main', Morocco, 1980's

Farid Belkahia • 'Main', Morocco, 1980's

Thumb - ether

Your thumb represent ether. According to the Vedas, ether is the material that fills up the universe, the skies above the terrestrial realm. Channel the energy of the universe and increases your willpower with a ring on your thumb.


Index finger – water

Our index finger represents the water element. When you are feeling ungrounded, dehydrated, lacking in self-esteem, vulnerable, or with a heart that has become too hard, allow the qualities of water to soften you, and also serving as a protector to your physical body.

Middle finger - earth

The middle finger allows you a direct connection with the earth element. Earth provides you with balance and emotional stability, allowing you reduce anxiety and embody the grounding and calming properties of earth.

From our Zodiac gemstone ring collection

From our Zodiac gemstone ring collection

Ring finger - fire

The ring finger embodies Apollo, the Roman God of all creative pursuits, love and beauty. It is also the finger that represents the element of fire and is associated with all aesthetic pursuits and conveys friendliness and compassion.


Little finger - air

Air is invisible, but its effects are visible. We are unable to see it, but we can sense its presence. The little finger represents the air element, closely linked to the energies of intuition and sensitivity.

Allow your rings to help you manifest your intentions, stay focused on your goals, so that you can live your days purposefully.


How do you wear your rings?