Mesmerized by the diatoms of our waters

Everyone has beauty, but not everyone sees it – Confucius

Goethe once said, Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever. And these secret natural laws seem to be precisely following the principles of symmetry and mathematics to manifest itself in one tiny speck of a diatom.


Diatoms are single celled algae living in beautiful glass shells made out of silica. They are about a quarter of a hair strand in size making them some of the tiniest organisms in the world.



For mother nature, the master curator as well as the brilliant artist behind these astounding creatures, diatom’s used to be her best kept secret, until we discovered a way to observe these invisible beauties under a microscope. 


As I flicked through the images, I am unsure of what is most striking for me.Whether it is the sheer wealth of details contained in each micro meter of a single diatom or that there is so much variety among all diatomic species, much more than science is yet to discover.



Diatoms are so intricate in design, and so well sculptured, it is as if every single detail had been pain stakingly drawn, measured and put together, mulled over countless times, before they came to be.

The diatoms of the ocean, living in the dark corners of the water, provide a fifth of all the oxygen in the world. These microscopic beauties each play an infinitesimal part to hold our ecosystem together in a delicate balance.


Delve into these images with curiosity and appreciation for the tiny specks of beauty that's hidden around you. 


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