Meet the Terre-lune rings collection

Terre-lune is our new collection dedicated entirely to rings and the precious amulets that they are. We have been working on this for quite some time and we are so glad to finally be able to share this with you!


The Terre-Lune collection combines a myriad of materials drawn from nature, using crystals of aquamarine and clear quartz, stones of amazonite and pyrite, built in brass and silver, forged from the earth and inspired by the moon.


Each ring represents a significant milestone in OKRA’s journey, and all its materials reminisce a part of the full story. Some of these rings began as a standalone collectible that went on to inspire the creation of some others meant to be worn together or on its own, as a keepsake.


There is something infinitely empowering about having our hands embellished with meaningful stones and natural elements. Ancient tribes wore rings as a talisman or as symbols of power, each ring meticulously designed and purposefully placed on a specific finger.

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Similarly, our rings are worn with a purpose. They are meant to protect, divine, or inspire rather than just ornament. We love wearing rings, and one is simply never enough.


The Terre Lune Rings


The Full Moon ring

Made from polished seashells, the full moon on your finger is symbolic of completion or the beginning of something new.




Trio Sisterhood ring set

Made of brass and coated to prevent tarnishing, the Trio Sisterhood ring comes in one size only and will complement and embellish all your other pieces. Wear as knuckle rings or pinky rings. 

Trio Sisterhood Brass knuckle ring 100 rmb.jpg



Mystical Labradorite Ring (Limited Edition)

The labradorite is the stone of magic and transforms into an extraordinary iridescent crystal in a mystical light. Arouse your inner spirit with the hand-polished mystical labradorite ring.




Silver Third Eye ring (Limited edition)

This handmade silver gold plated ring is embellished with a polished seashell to represent the evil eye - use it for spiritual protection.




Silver Gold Plated Knuckle ring

With hammered texture




Self-love ring

The self-love ring is made of rose quartz, the crystal of unconditional love. Simple yet profound at the same time, wear it as a reminder to fall in love with yourself.




Indian Ocean Shell ring

The cowrie shell is light and available in abundance, yet there are no two identical shells. Each Indian Ocean shell ring is adorned with a single unique cowrie shell that is a gift from the ocean to us.




Third Eye ring

The third eye ring is handmade from seashells to look like your third eye. Use it as a simple talisman.




Dreams come true ring

The clear quartz is the crystal of manifestation, an energy stone that reveals your desires, and manifests your dreams - and dreams can come true.

Mystical Crystal Ring - 200 rmb .jpg



Aquamarine ring

Aquamarine is a light blue stone that once was the treasure of mermaids in the sea. Let it inspire you to be your true self, to live freely, and to fully let go of prejudices.

Hand polished Aquamarine - 200 rmb.jpg



The Ritual ring

This hand-polished seashell ring carries with it, the energy of the sea. Use it to form your rituals just as humans have been doing for the longest period of time.

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Raw Amazonite ring

The amazonite is the crystal of the Goddesses, Just like its namesake female warriors, it is powerful and bold and at the same time, balanced and serene - all the qualities that make a true warrior.




Polished Pyrite ring

The pyrite draws energy from the earth and stimulates the flow of ideas. Perseverance and endurance are the qualities that define this robust stone




The Fortune ring

Made from Pyrite stone, just like the polished Pyrite ring, it is a stone of action and will, and brings fortune through the actualization of one’s own full potential.

Fortune Ring - 150 rmb .jpg

Disclaimer: As all rings are handmade from natural materials, they may vary in size and shape, making each piece unique and different from the rest. Orders from our store will be sent out at random.

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