The Sega Dance Collection

A collection to lure out the goddess in you.

We have carefully collected what we found to be the perfect ten earthy colors from around the world to match every skin color under the sun. Think of it as a makeup palette to put on your ears and emphasize the beauty of your skin tone. 

For every skin tone, from daytime to nighttime. Each color has been thoughtfully curated to bring out the beauty in you, with its own name created from our color discovery and research.

Originally inspired by the Mauritian music and dance, these earrings are incredibly light on the ears, just like the dancers who sway and sashay to the beat along with the sound of the waves and setting of the sun. You won’t feel these as you wear them, we promise!

For every woman, shake to the beat! Feel like an instant goddess wearing your perfect skin complement, lovingly handmade with allergen-free 14k-filled gold hooks, a glass bead and super soft cotton fiber tassels. Our darling series just got expanded. Come meet the lineup and pick your perfect accomplice.