What do you love about being a woman?

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March 8 is internationally recognized as women’s day. We take this day to commemorate and celebrate the influence and achievements of women throughout history, so we can empowerand embolden everyone else to reveal the true Goddesses inside them.

We asked 22 inspiring women we know “what do you love about being a woman?



What I love about being a woman NOW is the shift we see in the structures of society. We know what we want and we’re not afraid to ask for it.

It’s a collective force that is growing stronger and a sense of sisterhood that wasn’t as visible when I was growing up.

Today we support and stand by each other, we share love and praise rather than envying one another.

I hope it will be an inspiration for the generations to come.



I love it because we have a more developed sixth sense and is there for us all the time, we just need to learn how to listen to it. But the best thing for me is that we are lucky and blessed to be able to carry and experience how it is to grow another life in our body. It is the most wonderful thing!


I love that I can embrace and experience every part of my feminine nature and energy.


The thing I love most about being a woman is the ability to be an emotional chameleon, the daily shifting between the confidence and nurturing it takes to lead our teams to the support and encouragement we provide to our peers to the unselfconscious liberation of laughter with friends to the vulnerability we allow ourselves with our partners. A woman’s emotional range allows us to be so many people to the communities around us.



I love the bonding and connection between woman to woman, the way we communicate and how we are intuitively are more connected to our inner self.

And just the fact that only female can carry and give birth to a new life. . . That in itself, is magical. . .!


‘I met more cheerful and curious women at their 60s than men of same age. One day I’d like to be one of them.


What I love about being a woman is our intuition. Our ability to understand or know something immediately based on our feelings.

That sensitivity and skill helps give us a mysterious psychological insight, an ability to obtain understanding.

No, we didn't graduate from the " University of Everything", we just know everything once we relax and let this magical intuition work for us. Sometimes we just know it, that's it.


Being a woman means that we have the freedom to sensitively feel, to care compulsively, to be angered by wrongs, and most importantly, to love with every ounce of our being. I struggled with all of these things as a girl, but as I’ve gotten older and have been surrounded by great women, it’s been incredible to hold each other together and grow stronger with one another.



A woman is an exceptional schizophrenic, a kind of hero with multiple skills, navigating skilfully in everyday life. To be a woman is to be who you want to be. It's more than a sex, some even have the P* word. We would need volumes of books to explain what it is to be a woman. We are not a woman, we are WOMEN. I will say that we are just magical creatures and hard to decipher but within credible strength to gather, support, create and work hard. WOMEN are agile, empathic, crazy, emotional, mother, activists and come in all shapes, gender, nationalities, and more ... In fact I do not know, I continue to explore my different identities and how they interact to make whole ... as I said a little schizophrenic but exceptional.



The best part of being a woman is...

our ability to tap into our emotions and sensibilities and use them to empower us to become things that society thinks we are not capable of... entrepreneurs, leaders and winners.



Aaaah.. Women… The magnitude and spectrum of feelings that we are capable of experiencing… All that love, joy, compassion, anguish, anger, sadness, confusion tinge our lives with myriads of tones and semitones of colors… To be a woman gets unbearably overwhelming at times, but mostly it is just an incredible journey of discovering the infinite universe that we hide inside of ourselves.



What I love about being a woman is how undefined we are. We women are able to embody the feminine in so many contrastive but perfect ways.

For me, it is the creative versatility, the innate connection, the divine sensuality, the fierce intuition and the multi-faceted nature that I treasure about being a woman. And despite how differently how she or I may embody the feminine, we all come from the same sacred line of woman.


I never really think about being a woman before. As a young woman, you have the struggle of who want to be. And with time you realize how powerful our body and mind can be; the ability of giving life to another human being is one of the reason why women are strong. I love how powerful and fearless we are. Living in a big city like Shanghai, make you understand how strong and independent women are living their life. We are lucky to have the freedom of who we want to be. I am happy to be surrounded by fearless creative minds.


we all move forward when

we recognize how resilient

and striking the women

around us are

- Rupi Kaur


What do you love about being a woman?

That I can feel this deep sense of gratitude for all the women before me, that have fought for centuries so we are able to live the way we do today. I say this knowing that we still live in a very patriarchal society, but also appreciating how much we have already achieved against the odds. There is still much of a way to go, but isn’t it such a powerful feeling knowing we can continue to drive the positive changes, that we can continue to make a difference?

Through the choices I make, through the life I choose to live, and through being able to empower other women around me - that is what being a woman means to me. 



I love to be a woman: I’m feeling like a plant, a flower and a tree to experience growth, Love and beauty in different age and mood. That’s the most interesting thing in life!



We're so intuitive and compassionate. We are able to tap into our inner self and really listen to our heart. We see through the ones we love and know instantly when something doesn't feel right.

We're so damn good at multitasking too, most of the women I know don't ever quit on their dreams and that inspires me so much. 

I'm grateful to have so many strong women as my sisters, we share the same pain and victory!


When I started out in broadcasting it was very much a man’s world, boysy and competitive. As a junior journalist in my 20’s I was told on numerous occasions that I needed to be ‘more like a man’ in the workplace. It never really resonated with me and I’m glad I was never tempted to follow the advice (however kindly meant it may have been at the time). Slowly my generation made a very macho profession a much kinder place to be, by ‘being who we are’ with no apologies.  That’s what I love about being a woman - finding power in compassion, strength in kind-heartedness. The landscape in the workplace has changed a lot, and I enjoy watching how the way that we work and interact continues to evolve as more generations of young women and young men add their creativity to the world.



When I think of the BEING of a woman, I feel so grateful, not just for the body of a woman, that can hold and create life, manifesting the birth of home and community, I also am so grateful to BE the embodiment of feminine consciousness.  To me, that is where it really reaches my deep gratitude for being a woman as well as openness for the masculine inside of me, all of which is important to achieve the balance.


Feminine or yin energy is intuitive nurturing, soft, reflective, watery (flowly), creative, artistic, innovative, entrepreneurial, intelligent, communicative, resourceful, compassionate and organised. These are all traits that have been very present in my life.

All the women in my life have been great forces of strength, resilience, adaptability, love, independence, femininity, sensuality and forces of leadership. From my mother, grandmother, teachers, mentors, boss, friends and even the inner child in me. My feminine being and consciousness is what drives my heart forward to grow with the flow, whilst manifesting the journey I want at the same time. Following my Divine wisdom from within, the grounding of who I am, whilst utilising the knowledge to power the decisions, express myself and connect deeply with others.


Through celebrating my feminine, I have learnt to truly understand and love the masculine in me, which to me, is the full arrive of being a WOMAN!


I think the best part of being a woman is that the female energy lies in you is so deeply bound with nature and emotion, and that’s what makes you feel the world in a more feminine way.


My favorite thing about being a woman is the relationships we can foster and the communities we canbuild. We have such a unique skill set for this. We have the physical stamina and the mental tenacity. We aren't unbreakable, but we are great at putting the pieces back together. I wish more women in positions of power would stop telling other women what they need to fix and just go ahead and be the change makers - help redefine society and rules to be more supportive and nurturing of all women, just as they are.

Hong Tiny Monster

I always joked about that I am an independent woman. Women are way more sensitive and emotional than men, which makes it more difficult to be independent in many cases, like in arelationship or in business. But at the same time it's the best part of being awoman, cos I feel more alive and challenging.



What do I love about being a woman ?


Interesting question...

Few years ago, I used to be shaved, wearing leather jackets, jeans and boots, being afraid to show my “feminine” side because of childhood and a society stigmatization.


After finding the inner love and self worth, I accept myself as a woman and the duality coming with it:

I love being vulnerable and strong, grounded and carried away.

Being a woman is being emotional, inspirational and powerful.

So, I would say in this special day : own your feminity and embrace yourself !

Being a woman can mean so many different things. Our roles in life keep changing, as daughters, sisters, mothers, someone’s best friend or a leaderIt is imperative that we remember no matter what shoes we fill at a moment in time, we have the power to constantly inspire, support and stand together.

Remember to celebrate your womanhood everyday.

with love,