Connecting back to herbal healing

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Natasha Lappos, founder of Plant Magic is a sort of self-made expert on plant foods. “Growing up, food was always the centerpiece of celebrations, where family would gather and nourish and indulge in life’s delicious moments. In my life, I have experienced the healing power of a meal that nourishes the soul and creates connection. You can say that, I have always been drawn and inspired by the magic of food.”


We were intrigued. We caught up with her in her beautiful apartment to talk about her catering company “Plant Magic” to discover and hopefully, share in the magical healing powers of plants with you.


When did you start Plant Magic and why?

During my time here, I have worked at an international school for 3 years, become a yoga teacher and have founded my company Plant Magic.


I deeply believe that we should eat to thrive by nourishing our bodies with living and high vibrational foods, i.e plants. This belief is what led me to discover the power of plant medicine. The medicine our ancestors used for generations before us. There is much to learn about the intuitive healing of those before us. They adapted and honored the changing seasons, created rituals around them and were deeply connected to the Earth. For me, this meant implementing herbs into my life. This is where the concept of Plant Magic came to be.


I want to encourage people to connect back with their roots, to make time for ritual in their hectic lives and to feel the magic that a dose of healing herbs can conjure.


Tell us more about your favorite herbs and their benefits. 

Where do I start? For one, I am fascinated by mushrooms. I’m not talking about the ones that make you fly but these are pretty close. The mushroom kingdom is so diverse and many truly have magical powers. Some of my favorite medicinal mushrooms are Chaga, Reishi and Lion’s Mane. These mushrooms and many other herbs are what we call adaptogens. Adaptogens essentially allow the body to adapt to stressors.


When we are stressed, our “fight or flight” mode turns on by increasing our adrenaline and cortisol levels. When we live in a state of stress, the rest of our systems become secondary, which leads to imbalance in the body. Adaptogens can help to stabilize and even optimize the body’s nervous system, immune system, endocrine system and more.


I also love herbs that support hormonal balance. Woman truly rule the world. We can do it all, and most times we do. Overworking ourselves can lead to a host of imbalances for women. Herbs like Shatavari, Amla, Maca, Schissandra (like all adaptogens) help the body restore itself. These herbs particularly help to rebalance the endocrine system, which rules our hormone glands. They also help to rev up our libidos, helping us feel like the sensual women we naturally are.


I love the yin property of the rituals I have created around herbs. I blend them into a warm drink or smoothie and make space for some restorative downtime.

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What do you want to achieve through Plant Magic?

My mission is to encourage a reconnection and a re-membering. In many ways, people have been dis-membered from their intuition, their bodies, and the Earth. I know, we can all create a little more space for connection in our lives, however that may look and feel for you. 

Photo credits: Karen Pang

Photo credits: Karen Pang