Tales of Rebirth

Photography by Jean Pierrot

Photography by Jean Pierrot

“Sometimes you finally understand something so profoundly life-changing your whole body starts to tingle. It’s like you’re made of vibrations that just jumped an octave or two.”

― Brownell Landrum

Life-changing moments are, with near certainty, preceded by mental chaos, emotional turmoil, and painful disillusionments. You feel overcome by a darkness, as events unfold in your life that leave you feeling broken and helpless. You stand within the walls of your impregnable fortress, and yet you watch as it crumbles before your very eyes.

What happens next is entirely of your determination. Walls break either out of frailty or because they no longer served a purpose.

Negative experiences serve as opportunities of growth. Our soul purpose is to transcend and rebirth.

We are the birthed by our creators, but we are the creators of our rebirth.

Each of these women have a powerful story to share, tales of rebirththat have inspired me on my own journey towards a deeper self-awareness and I hope it does the same for you.

Photography by Karen Pang

Photography by Karen Pang


Rebirth for me, was the crushing of the soul.
Not knowing if I was going to see all spectrums of light again.
Rebirth for me was losing all notions of self, I am nothing.
Rebirth for me had no interest in what I did for a living,
what my social status was or what I had achieved.
Rebirth for me ensured I felt pain, heart ache, emptiness.
Rebirth for me was lonely,
an endless spiral to the dark abyss of nothingness.
Until one morning, there was no more tears to cry, no more fear to feel.
An immense stream of gratitude filled my heart and I knew right then I was never alone.
The entire universe resided within’ and all external constructs mattered no more.
Rebirth for me was painfully liberating.
Saying goodbye to what once was and hello to all that I AM.

- Hannah Faith


A piece reflcting grace and poise by Hannah Thornhill

A piece reflcting grace and poise by Hannah Thornhill

Textile Artist, Designer, Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master Practitioner.


I have had several powerful experiences of rebirth in my life. I think we all have opportunities for rebirth in any moment, whenever we intend it (whether consciously or subconsciously). However there are certain circumstances that can act as powerful catalysts for change, inspiring a “no looking back” mentality. My most powerful rebirths have been after a period of not recognizing myself in a situation, whether in relationship, work or health. When I can look honestly at myself and recognize that I am no longer in alignment with my core values, my truth or my self-worth, it drives me to change. Shedding old skin, the old identity and the old patterns that are no longer serving me takes courage, patience and strength but it is always worth it. I feel that with each metamorphosis, I come closer to my true self.

Moon above the Bali sea by Jean Pierrot

Moon above the Bali sea by Jean Pierrot

My most powerful rebirth was overcoming an eating disorder that plagued me for years. I hated the person I was each time it reared its ugly head. Looking back now however, it taught me some very deep and powerful truths about my body, particularly my energetic body; where my emotions were blocked, where I had imbalances, where I needed support and nourishment to heal not only physically but also mentally, for lasting recovery.

The experience of suffering, whether our own suffering or the suffering of others, is one of the greatest impetuses for change and rebirth. When we can tap into this motivation, anything is possible. I am grateful to my Reiki training and practice as it pushes me to continuously evolve and grow; to shed more and more layers to return to my truest essence in a way that can help and serve others.


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Holistic Art Therapist & New mum

The rebirths.
When we are first created, floating the warmth and safety of ur mothers womb, we are unprinted, unidentified, we have neither official name or gender. It’s just chemical reactions and the birth of awareness of pure life - breathing, eating, sleeping and pooping.
Life is as simple as this.
And then we are born.
Born into this big wide world, and immediately identified, tagged, protected with other chemicals to stop us getting sick of a disease we have not yet faced, and off we go.

Journey on by Hannah Faith

Journey on by Hannah Faith

We begin the step of learning how to use this body of ours, learning how to speak like others, how to think and value like others.
As we get older we struggle to find our own place in the world, based on the values others packaged for us to go with. And so that moment of birth is so important yet so shortly lived, as soon we are given a narrative of how the reality SHOULD look like. So how can we go back to that state of newness and be reborn?
For me, it was to undo all the things I had learnt, the identity and story I had been given, and even this mind that spoke to me.

View of Paradise by John Zabawa

View of Paradise by John Zabawa

Rebirth, is to go back to a state of unknowing, and reset forward not trying to control, look for the should’s, could’s and even why’s - just simply be in the bliss of unknown and to absorb this exact moment. To go beyond understanding but embodying what it means to no longer live in a story that doesn't belong to me, but were experiences and lessons learnt by someone else, like “don’t trust men,” “a good women should do this” or “people will only see you if you do…” In realising and accepting that place I am in now, and that I have a choice to start identifying myself, by myself and for myself. That was when I chose to live awaken, to choose my rebirth into my own life, which I was solely accountable and in the pleasure in becoming. I can’t be totally sure when I became to walk this path, but I would say it started from the day I started listening to my heart or gutt feelings that I realised that is something so much more and deeper within than what I could find outside. Back to the centre of who I am.

Freelance Art Director, Creative Producer, Photographer


My experience of rebirth has been a series of serendipitous moments. I don’t think that it’s complete yet, or rather, I’m not sure if it ever will be.

Over the past two and half years, my rebirth has been the most deep and transformative. I feel like I’ve been learning how to be a woman and how to be a better human. This process has been excruciating at times because I’ve had to dig deep into my soul and have a hard look at myself with complete honesty. It was actually easier to identify all the things I didn’t like, and harder to love and accept myself as a whole

Once that process of self-love began and with deep realisation that I was simply enough, the negativity began to fall away and my mindset became different. My heart became different. There was a big shift from operating from all the complex thoughts in my head to simply feeling if things were right from my heart.

Photography by Jean Pierrot

Photography by Jean Pierrot

I now value light, love and kindness above all else and it’s been serving me much better than any other way I’ve lived before. Life is as uncertain as ever because I don’t feel like I have a roadmap to guide me anymore, no more boxes to check off to define success. But I’ve embraced this feeling of discomfort and my world has become more beautiful.

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And you? When was the last time you experienced a time of rebirth?

Let us know in the comments below 🐍

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