Finding healing through aromatherapy


Jann is probably one of the most chic women you’re going to meet in this lifetime. She is the founder of Eu Noia living and aromatherapy, an aromatherapy and lifestyle brand established in Shanghai.

We asked Jann to share her journey with us. She spoke openly and allowed herself to be vulnerable, allowing us to look into her life, to understand how the challenges she faced, her upbringing in New Zealand and its lush nature have inspired her to create Eu Noia.

More than just a brand, Eu Noia aims to heal others and herself.

What is Eu Noia?

Eu Noia in Ancient Greek stands for “mindfulness, having a healthy mind or beautiful thoughts”. I believe that it is only through wellness in the mind that you can have true health; You could be exercising, you could be eating all the right things, but if you are stressed and constantly worried, none of that stuff is going to bring you to where you truly want to be.

Why did you create Eu Noia?

It’s a tribute to my parents, first and foremost.

Both my parents passed away from cancer within 11 months of each other. And in the back of my mind, I always wanted to create something with meaning for them. In 2016, I was at a stage in my life where my work no longer felt fulfilling. The general environment, air pollution, and the community I surrounded myself with in Shanghai was deeply affecting me. 


I went back to New Zealand for a trip and I remember one day, I was rummaging through my mom and dad’s belongings, and found a bar of soap made of lavender essential oil and Manuka honey that my mom had purchased a week before she passed away. She was frail and terminally ill with cancer, and I could vividly remember her struggling to get the money out of her purse to pay for it. The hospice nurses had suggested the use of essential oils to relieve her symptoms and provide comfort since a cure was no longer possible.

I took it up as a sign that this bar of soap should turn up years later. I felt like a story was slowly unfolding and linking up in my head.

What exactly are essential oils?

Essential oils come from different parts of a plant, they contain real plant extracts, and carry with them the life force of a plant; they are incredibly potent and fragrant. It’s genuine and authentic plant derived essential oils to help enhance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of each individual. Unlike perfumes, which are usually just chemical compounds made in the lab. Using pure essential oils to me is metaphorically equal to eating your raw veggies to ensure you’re really getting the nutrition!

Soothing roll on by Eu Noia

Soothing roll on by Eu Noia

It is used either through inhalation or directly on the skin. It can be used to help comfort and balance you, while giving you a chance to create a regular ritual to take time out for yourself, and to reconnect. The way it works always seems like magic to me… After applying topically or through inhalation, the effect could be experienced through the sense of smell, which links to the deepest parts of the brain, which governs your basic instincts, thoughts and emotions; while through absorbing into your skin, goes into the blood stream, and sends signals to your brain to help you reduce stress, anxiety, boost immunity, and alleviate side effects of chemotherapy etc.…

The fragrance is subtle and doesn’t last as long, but its use is therapeutic. And the aroma itself also works like a powerful trigger for the brain especially if they are strongly associated with certain memories. Just a whiff of the scent itself can invoke physiological reactions in your body; that’s why it’s important to also create a routine with these little bottles of magic to bring you back to a positive / relaxed / uplifting state whenever you smell these oils.

Tell us about your range of products and their benefits.

For my range, I have mainly developed two lines - one is to stimulate you or to calm your mind and body down. We have 8 different blends, each serve a specific purpose. Sleep, Destress, Soothing and Meditation are meant to calm you down and brings you to a relaxed state. For some positive stimulation and to uplift, we have the Immunity booster, Energy booster, Positivity and the Aphrodisiac (a rather popular blend I have to say. . . Simply because we are just not making enough time and effort for making love).

New Note.jpg

The blend you choose can depend on the kind of lifestyle you have. Often, people are looking for a specific kind of healing through the use of oils, or to create rituals they can rely on, other times they are simply meant to provide comfort for the mind and body.

Tell us about the beautiful space of Eu Noia.

This space brings together everything that I love – beautiful lifestyle with aesthetic, fashion and design. It is also a place of healing through aromatherapy that welcomes people to come in and instantly feel welcomed and relaxed in a nurturing community. I also love interior design and my background in visual merchandising has helped me to manifest the space into something that could achieve what I had in mind.


What are the essentials for transforming your space?

Plants! Wood also brings you closer to nature. And aroma, of course. Comforting and natural texture is also important for me. Something like pure woolen blankets that’s comfortable on the skin.

What do you personally do to relieve the stress?

I take naps whenever I feel stressed! Or I go for a really long walk or for a massage. In fact, I take time to make all my products; to me it’s a form of meditation.

What does sleep mean to you?

Your body and mind restores itself when you’re resting. Sleeping is also a beauty ritual. You can slow down the aging process if you’re getting enough sleep. Only after a good night’s sleep are you able to wake up feeling refreshed with a positive mindset, and a clear head ready for the day ahead.

Do you have any rituals?

I have many since I started using my own aromatherapy products! My morning ritual: I spray my Palo Santo and Deep Sleep pillow spray onto my pillow so that when I go back to bed, they will be fresh again and also so it will smell nice and fresh in the room. Then I get into the shower and use my Destress shower gel, because the oil inside the body wash instantly helps create a steam room. Then I will put my Soothing roll-on, and I am ready to start my day with a coffee or herbal tea.

What would be your tip for manifestation?

Being very clear and specific about what you want. Sometimes we want things to happen but we’re not exactly sure of what it is. If you have it figured out, you can make a better plan to achieve it, and writing it down always help to bring more clarity. Another thing I have been practicing lately is to manifest but without expectations, say it out loud, write it down, and let the universe do the rest for you!

I have a full moon ritual where I write down everything that I don’t want in my life on a piece of paper, and then I burn it. I don’t manifest daily, but during the new moon and full moon, it’s a good reminder to bring my mind to set intentions for the month.

How did Eu Noia change you?

It has changed me in the most amazing ways; I have now a loving and nurturing group of people around me, a community of like-minded people who are open and honest. It has given me a meaningful purpose and a focus that aligned with my true intentions. It also helps me to heal my loved ones in a way I never thought possible.


What were the challenges that you have faced as an entrepreneur?

Just getting started was the hardest part. I had so many expectations because I wanted everything to be perfect and ended up procrastinating. I realize now that there is no perfect time and place. When you really want to start something, whatever stage you’re at now is the best stage to start. Everything else will fall into place. You can have an amazing idea or business plan, but if you don’t take the first step and start doing stuff, it will just remain a plan or just a thought.


What’s your definition of success?

Being able to do your best everyday and being happy with yourself and the people around you.

Your place of contentment, emotionally, spiritually and physically?

Here at Eu Noia!

Before we finish this, is there anything new coming up or something that you’re looking forward to work on?

We are developing some oils connected to chakras and possibly do a Reiki training so it could be infused into my aromatherapy work. Also perhaps a curated retreat tour to New Zealand in the near future! And personally, I want to travel more, to find more inspiration so I can keep doing what I do.