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OKRA inspirations is a carefully curated mood board of visual imagery and ideas for better living. At OKRA, we value wellness of both the body and mind, we believe in finding and adding spiritual depth to lives, through meaningful jewelry and by inspiring you to surround yourself with positive energy.



"In an effort to foster mindful consumption habits, the brand maintains an open conversation about its approach and encourages consumers to reevaluate the relationship society has with clothing. The company continues to focus on sustainable materials, processes, and production in order to improve and extend each garment’s life"



Casa Shop is a collection of carefully chosen vintage and new home-objects and jewelry. Inspired by modern sculpture, Italian design, and the beauty of recycling. Casa Shop was founded by Emi Moore in 2016.


"Observations of joyful creations. A collection of objects, decoration and ritualistic craft."


"Our philosophy is that less is more, and combined with the integrity and passion we bring to the design process, our minimalistic approach has created a range of versatile pieces that work with a structured wardrobe or everyday style."



John Zabawa is an artist and designer based in Los Angeles, California. His painting practice has been heavily influenced by color theory and the Japanese philosophy of Ma, or negative space.



Curated with care by Hannah Faith, Delika Studios is a visual treat for the eyes. It assembles beautiful interior, designer works, and photography.

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"I hope for you that astrology as a practice brings you the kind of radical self-acceptance that it has given me. I hope that it gives you the affirmation that you have been longing for. And I hope that it empowers you to be perfectly imperfectly you."



"Paloma wool is the my name and the name of this project, which is about getting dressed and about space or ideas that are created around the act of getting dressed."


Born in Sicily, Oscar is an artist and designer based in London who creates unique objects and furniture.

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Named Beni after the French word for blessed, Daquisiline Gomis's new line of suiting is a love letter to his father and the community of well-dressed, like minded young West African men who immigrated to France in the 1970s.

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