In the studio.

In the studio.


Islands of jewelry.

Okra is a handmade jewelry line by Mauritian designer Julie Pang with the ethos of being natural, authentic and free.

More than jewelry, we believe that each of our pieces is a precious amulet that holds the power to ground, uplift or inspire. Made of regenerated stones, crystals and other foraged natural and organic materials, Okra pieces are worn as meaningful objet d’art for the independent woman — whether it is to calm the mind, body and spirit, or to bring out the audacious goddess in you.

Using brass and brass wire as our base, we carefully curate each design to bring out the best of our materials. We are inspired by: nature, symmetry, women, ancestral blueprints and life fundamentals. We love using materials that are imbued with a past life; sharing with us its history as we carry on the journey.  

Originating from Mauritius, Okra is created and produced in-house in our atelier studios in Shanghai. We are inspired by where we come from and where we go. Keep travelling with us and our visions, as we deepen our connection with you.